Official SWBFSpy Community Servers for Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2

All SWBFSpy community servers are hosted on the [FC] VPS. Currently we don't host SWBF2 Game Servers, but it is supported by our Master Server.
Go here for more information and the truth about the Official SWBFSpy Master Server, which is 100% operational as of May 2018 ->

3658 = [FC] Battlefront GCW - Randomized stock maps with enhanced AI mods, disabled turrets, and improved distance for AI combat.
3659 = SWBFSpy PS2 - Official PS2 version of SWBF1 server featuring community requested settings and mods for popular stock maps.
3660 = [FC] Mos Citadel - Fairsides, Unlimited Ammo, AutoBleed, Disabled AI, Disabled CPs, Disabled TeamKill, Disabled AutoAim.
The Walking Dead = The greatest SWBF1 mod of all time. v0.95 and above is only to be hosted privately for active members of the community.
v0.94 is the final mod build to be released publicly due to pathetic hostility from jealous haters attempting to PLAgiarize & discredit Phobos' SWBF community contributions over the past 10 years.
Download TWD Battlefront v0.94 ->