Official SWBFSpy Community Servers for Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2

All SWBFSpy community servers are hosted on the [FC] Chicago VPS. Currently we're hosting BF2 only for PS2, though BF2-PC servers are also supported by our Master Server.
Go here for more information and the truth about the Official SWBFSpy Master Server, which is 100% operational as of May 2018 ->

TWDBF v0.94 is the final mod build to be released publicly due to pathetic hostility from jealous hateful poser nazi trolls attempting to PLAgiarize & discredit Phobos' SWBF community contributions over the past 10 years.

3658 BF1-PC @40tps = | ZeroFront: Randomized ZeroFront maps, custom mod maps, and the top 5 stock maps. Includes other AI enhancements.
3659 BF1-PS2 @30tps = SWBFSpy | PS2 BF1 (NTSC): Official PS2 version of SWBF1 server featuring community requested settings and mods for popular stock maps.
3660 BF1-PC @60tps = SWBFSpy | The Walking Dead v0.97: The greatest SWBF mod of all time. v0.95 and above is only for active members of
3661 BF1-PC @40tps = | Mod Nights: Monthly Events and Stock maps with enhanced AI mods, disabled turrets, and improved distance for AI combat.
3662 BF2-PS2 @30tps = SWBFSpy | PS2 BF2 (NTSC): Official PS2 version of SWBF2 server featuring several maps and modes such as Assault, Capture The Flag, Conquest, and Hunt.
3663 BF1-PC @60tps = [FC] -={InViS}=- yesRadarPro: DTBC, Fairsides, Unlimited Ammo, AutoBleed, Disabled AI, Disabled CPs, Disabled TeamKill, Disabled AutoAim.